Important Announcement

As of Lan Chi Chapter 47, that will be my last update from this site. I have decided to join Qwerty Scans as the translator for Lan Chi, so you will not see me active here. All of the updates will be on their wordpress:

It’s been nice interacting with you all, and I hope you guys will continue to enjoy Lan Chi. Sayonara for now ^^.


P.S. Check out this music video: Seventeen- Don’t Wanna Cry

It’s kinda unrelated but I’m shamelessly promoting my favorite group ^

Looking for Typesetters!

Hi, if anymore would be able to type a couple images for me, that’d be great (I’ll still do most of it) Not anytime soon though, because I’m still pretty busy. Maybe 2-3 images per chapter that are especially hard for me to typeset. Thanks :)!

Delayed Chapter 45 + Request

Hi guys, as some on you might know, finals are starting soon. Plus, currently, my teachers have bombarded me with big projects and assignments. Therefore, Chapter 45 might take a while for me to edit. I’ll try my best though. Please enjoy reading chapter 44 (which I just posted) Hopefully, 45 will be out before June.

Also, my subscription with u17 is about to end. It costs $5/month to access lan chi, and I would heavily thank all you if you could go to the bottom where the “Motivate me” part is download a app. It only takes 15 people (I know how many visitors I get lol) for me to earn 2 months of the subscription, but so far only a few (3-4) people have.I’m very broke and don’t really want to pay $60/year to edit :(. Thanks in advance and with much love,



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